- Dr. J. J. Roy Burman's initial photographs
and the first survey on the map -

The following three pictures were made by Dr. J. J. Roy Burman (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai). He had studied sacred groves of various tribal areas (e.g. Maharashtra, Pune District, among the Mahadeo Kolis) in various contexts (e.g. modern political economy) and in the framework of his doctoral study. He sent the pictures to our IRSSI institute in Ahmedabad suggesting that he would take part in our planned survey. For various reasons this was not possible, but later, we made a short trip together and surveyed the southern Maharashtra region, namely the Sindhudurga district, from Kolhapur down to the borders of Goa (see map, and the following report).

Hasne-village, Kolhapurdistrict. Kham (pole) raised at Satichamal. For details of this sanctuary see next report

The youths involved in raising the Kham (pole) at Chauhatta at Hasne, Kolhapurdistrict. For the whole rite see special report.

Pole at left: Sacred symbol of village deity and corresponding temple; Pole at right: profane sign symbolising territory of settlement claims and rights (see J.J. Roy Burman 1997)

Map of Southern Maharashtra, Sindhudurga District. The numbers correspond to a provisorial report which can be found separately. The village Hasne which will be documented in details below corresponds to number 5 at the southern bank of the Radhanagri Reservoir.

First Survey 1997 (Hasne village)
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