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Our site on 'anthropology of space and architecture' is based on
* 'constructivity' (nestbuilding behavior of the Great Apes; Yerkes 1929,
The Great Apes) and
* scientific definition of 'architecture' (like zoon in zoology)
* O. F. Bollnow's 'evolution of space perception' (1963) and
* anthropological, or ethno-(pre-)historical system of material culture (in
opposition to disciplinary dissected terms of material culture).

Basic method:
'Structural history' or 'ethno-pre-history' (Wernhart 1981). Ethnology with
its vital source conditions is basic for formation of theoretical approaches!


Main topics:
1) assumption of pre-lithic fibroconstructive industries (easily
manipulatable fibrous materials were primary; hand was the first tool).
2) based on hypothesis 1): reconstructions of physical developments
(bipedic posture, precision grip of hand, refinement of stereoscopic view,
development of brain).


Main cultural sources:
1) 'semantic architecture': a) 'tectiformes' and other sources of
'constructivity', rock art showing cult-scenes and tectonic signs and
symbols, life-trees, tree of cognition etc. (prehistory/history), b) fetish
(ethnology, global), maypoles etc. (folklore studies, European, Asian)
2) domestic architecture (evolution of huts, houses and higher architecture
from constructivity and spatial principles developed in the domain of
'semantic architecture')
3) sedentary architecture (evolution of settlements and early state
formation based on 1) and 2))

Main focus:
Systematic reconstruction of spatial organisation of pre-human (night camps
of great apes) and human settlement (evolutionary typology of human

Basic hypothesis:
Highest ontological values of culture (aesthetics, ontology, religion,
social structure) developed in 'settlement core complex' (cyclic renewal of
materially perishable territorial demarcation).

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