Katharina Weresch


(Bibliography related to architectural sociology)

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Still an eye-opener for (young) architects! Unfortunately only available in German language!

Weresch gives a review of sociological studies related to architecture in German language of the 70ies and 80ies including a fairly complete bibilography. It is a very short and competent survey of the great range of social contexts related to architecture and urbanism. It shows themes like:

Most of these widely problematic aspects of the architectural domain are usually not part of the curriculums. The architect is supposed to acquire this 'secret knowledge' through his later professional practice.

The book is particularly valuable for the broad spectrum of social aspects it presents. It shows clearly that architecture and urbanism are more than solving design problems with a pencil.

ISBN 3-631-45704-9, 165 P. Ill. Verlag P. Lang, Frankfurt/aM, Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Wien
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