Development, Preservation and Tourism
in the Age of Globalization

6th Conference
of the International Association
for the Study of Traditional environments

Hotel Sofitel Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

December 15 - 19, 1998

Conference Theme:
"IASTE has always been dedicated to studying traditional dwellings and settlements as a means of exploring the conflicts brought about by the necessity of adaptation and change." In Cairo First and Third World interests in regard to traditional environments are discussed. Monotony of modernism and the desire to experience the culturally "other" motivate global consumption of tradition. In the Third World the adaption to progress produced by tourism might be evaluated positively, but often ends up with loss of identity. An important focus in the framework of these complex dichotomies is on manipulation of the traditional environment: as 'pseudo-conservation' FOR the tourist or as a pseudo-consumption BY the tourist. In short, a very promising program!

Some Topics (condensed):

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