Invitation of the Shanghai Municipal Government Construction Commission

Shanghai Worldfield Convention Hotel, Shanghai

November 3 - 6, 1996


  • will sum up the fruits of Shanghai Residential Design 2000 Contest
  • is paralleling China Residential Construction 2000 Exhibition, and
  • will offer a forum to explore the latest accomplishments in urban residential designs, theories, techniques, and methodologies from all around the world.

    Prospective attendees:
    government executive agencies in charge of urban construction and housing, research institutes, foundations, real estate developers, architectural design institutes, and architecture schools.


  • Shanghai cross-century residential design and residential area planning theories
  • Similarities and differences among nations as regards residential design
  • System design: power, water supply and sewerage, refuse disposal, security systems, environmental design, and energy saving building design.
  • Design of residential building and individual living unit
  • Residential building material
  • Residential density, greening, diversity and beautification
  • other economic, policy, and technical issues related to residential design or construction

    Special Presentations:
    Government agencies are encouraged to make a 15-minute powerful audiovisual presentations (documentary videos, slides, graphic presentations, etc.) to introduce the history and current accomplishments of their urban housing.

    Call for Papers:
    Original papers are sought on design theories and residential construction techniques. Prospective authors are requested to submit English abstracts for preliminary review, which should not exceed two pages. Authors of accepted papers will have oral presentation at the conference.

    Conference contents:

  • Visiting China Residential Construction 2000 Exhibition
  • Presentations and papers sessions
  • Reports by international renowned architects
  • Sight-seeing in Shanghai, visiting newly constructed excellent buildings and residential areas in Shanghai
  • Attending the "21th Century-Sunshine-Home" Concert
  • Dinner with local citizens and chat with them about ideal residence
  • Contest awarding ceremony
  • Open air banquet

    General Theme:
    Friendship, Trade and Business in the Coming Year of 2000


    Lu Haiping
    Director of the Organizing Committee
    Shanghai International Communication on Residential Design 1996
    Shanghai, China

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