28th Annual Conference of the Environmental Design Research Asociation


University of Quebec at Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


May 7 - 11

Main topics:

This year's theme shines the spotlight on the necessity to integrate, conceptually and operationally, the management of physical space(s) over time with their design and production. We welcome therefore submissions addressing this theme.

For example, types of settings might be addressed: their embodiment of the notion of place in terms of physical ambient qualities, such as scale, security, "ambiance"...or in terms of socio-functional qualities, such as effectiveness, privacy, comfort and productivity; the physical reality of settings defined, then, at levels of scale where the meshing of design standards and management principles may be brought about organically.

Norms and standards of human use as well as of physical design might also be a suitable topic: performance criteria for the design and management of places, sustaining performance standards over time, and the relationship between environmental flexibility, criteria for maintenance and operation, and systems of environmental enclosure.

Should environmental and behavioral norms be determined beforehand or should they evolve as a result of interaction with and stimulation from the physical environment, in real time or through simulation? In defining the physical environment in these terms, we need to integrate notions of the management of space as well as its design.

Programming, evaluation, participation in design processes, and managing building users are topic areas for further inquiry and analysis: how are building users affected over time by involvement in these and similar activities? As the environmental awareness of occupants increases, so their roles and responsibilities change: changes that encourage us to question the political aspects of user involvement and to examine the impact of such involvement on environmental situations outcomes.

To speak of an environmental situation is to take a global approach to the environment-behavior relationship, to examine "situations" in which an existential dimension exists, allowing researchers and practitioners to study such phenomena as environmental adaptation and survival, at which time we stop thinking of "environment-and-behavior" and start thinking about "environment-including-behavior".


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