8th International Congress of the
'German Association for Semiotics'

(DGS, Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Semiotik)

The congress will be organised together with the "Nederlandse Vereniging voor Semiotiek"
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

August 5. - 9. 1996

General Theme of the Congress:
The theme of the present meeting is in continuity with the last congress (sign and time) and asks for structural conditions of intercultural spaces, for their limits and identification. key words are: cultural space, culture of space, spatial signs, space of signs, cultural sign, culture of signs. Important questions: Can space be conceived without signs? Are cultures and their specific spaces semiotically constituted?

Some specific Conference Topics (Selection):

  • Natural Space - Cultural Space
  • Space and Ritual
  • The Map and the Territory
  • Space and Law
  • Local Signs and Reality of Space
  • Language, Space and Culture
  • Space and Sculpture
  • Space and Dance
  • City Space and the New Dutch Architecture


    Hoofdocent Dr. Juergen E. Mueller
    Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Film- en Televisierwetenschap
    Niuwe Doelenstraat 16
    NL-1012 CP Amsterdam
    tel:+31-20-525 2995 or 2938
    Fax:+31-20-525 2938

    Abstract contributed by DOSBT/ZH
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