This office was formed for the following reasons:

On the basis of the principles outlined, this documentation office undertakes to systematically enlarge the existing basic materials of architecture, by drawing upon data from

By this kind of collecting, screening and encyclopaedic arranging of facts (which today are scattered in various disciplines), we are attempting to provide a wider frame to human building behavior than exists today. This wider frame will not only pose the question 'what is building as art?' which has been emphasised so far, but also the anthropological questioning "what does building mean for human existence?"

Practically, such a documentation initially leads to a critical appraisal of the existing situation.

Thus a documentation built up in this sense can supply important guidelines, not only for investigation and theory in the field of building research. Inasmuch as the building viewpoint introduces a particular objective approach to the consideration of cultural objects, such a documentation could also have a stimulating influence on other branches of cultural research. It could even become a nucleus of interdisciplinary working contacts. Architecture would be offered the chance to escape from its fixation on practice and recent tradition and to pursue research in a wider cultural-historical framework. Within the group of disciplines endeavouring to advance cultural understanding, it could, as an independent branch of science, make competent contributions of its own.

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