Recently, there has been a global trend to reduce universities on the level of vocational schools. In this new environment we find journals for 'jobhunting' and the like (University of Zurich, Switzerland: 'Sprungbrett' = jumping board!). Further, there are - evidently successful - programs to (d)evaluate the humanities. And the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences recently diffused (free of charge!) a booklet where the Ticino business employer Tito Tettamanti ('il Magnifico') professes his 'money is spiritual' - Theory ("Geld ist Geist"). In this context the Internet provides a great chance to communicate beyond the merely economical 'universal' views.

If there is enough interest, DOFSBT (see Communications) will build up an interactive Internet cooperation system called 'Miniversity'. If you pass through our main text and its many terms you will realise that we suggest a fairly new concept to which it may be rewarding to contribute. For the moment, only the basic structure of this field is given, but it is evident, that the whole idea suggests a huge domain of new research in all disciplines and subdisciplines of the humanities.

You can download titles of -> Multidisciplinary Hypotheses, you may work on them if they appeal to you or relate to your own field, you may upload your results to our e-mail address, make new suggestions, cooperate in any way.

See also 'Habitat Research Awards'

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