Nold Egenter



Foundations for Anthropological Research into Architecture

The second provoking volume of a provoking research series

This book is not just multi-disciplinary: from a new viewpoint it fundamentally questions the disciplinary facetted outlook of the humanities.

Architectural Anthropology: a new architectural and cultural macro-theory. The second volume gives more details and depths in five initial steps. These studies are all stations of an expedition into new lands. Based on objective facts they open new views into a newly organised landscape: an anthropology based on the evolution of constructive behaviour, habitat and perception of space.


Implosion: O. F. Bollnow's main thesis on the evolution of spatial perception related to the human habitat. It will fundamentally question some disciplinary outlooks of the humanities ('Implosion').

Architecture researches: A report on the buildup of worldwide research into the ethnology and anthropology of architecture 1970-1995

Ape Architects: Adam's primordial hut (Rykwert) and the nestbuilding behaviour of the higher apes

Soft Prehistory: The Horror of basketmaking or: Is modern prehistory a fiction? Approaches towards a cultural theory based on the origins of habitat and settlement.

Wittkower: Image-falsifyer of Renaissance architecture? On the art historian's fundamental inability to truthfully describe and interprete art.

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