Structural history and structural ergology

Approaches towards a settlement genetic theory of culture

by Nold Egenter

The present study was first delivered to the >World Archaeological Congress< at Southampton, Sept. 1- 7, 1986, under the title >Software for a soft prehistory; structural history and structural ergology applied to a type of universally distributed 'soft industry': sacred territorial demarcation signs made of nondurable materials<. The text was published in the ÔPrecirculated PapersŐ issued at the event (>Archaeological 'Objectivity' in Interpretation, vol. 2, 1986, Allen & Unwin, Southampton & London). The present version has been considerably revised. A critical section on structural anthropology (Claude LŽvy-Strauss, Michael Oppitz) has been added to illustrate a new method: structural ergology.

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