1. Ocenasteamers around 1900

2. Steamer and steamer-subject (acc. to Vogt)

3. Le Corbusier, Unité


4. Wölfflin's concept of 'style' and Nietzsche's theory of 'tension and harmony' of the Apollinian and Dionysian in the same form

5. Architecture and movement

6. Dagobert Frey: monument and access-path in various Afro-Eurasian cultures

7. + 9. Hut and hat, cognition theory

8. The harmony of the hut is transferred as hat on the head of humans

10. Semantic architecture (Japan): the protruding upper part forms the 'ridge' of the circular 'roof' of the lower part. We can assume that this is the structural prototype of the concept of polarity.