An interstellar correspondence

by Nold Egenter

It is our global greeting on Galapagos.

Dear Dlon.

- My name is Yazuna. I browsed through your web site yesterday and thought it quite phantastic! Grand, what you have hanged out into the cosmos.
- That is exactly how it started at our place 20 years ago. Soft prehistory. Gods as nuclear borders which became verbalised later and spatially extended and finally incomprehensible. You call that soap bubbles of history! Magnificent! Verbalisaton of the cultic tradition. Transition towards the ideal. Belief into the ideal.
- Two systems of thought. Harmonious and analytical , continued the first in the East almost until today, split in the West into the fictions of civilization. Powerful, rich and clever as in the hereafter. In fact irresponsible.
- History Bubble! Finally, after more than 2000 years it threatens our planet with warming up of the climate, with increased desasters.
- It made me crazy, made me shivering that you live so far away from me.

- You should know, indeed: I am 30 light years remote of you. I live in the 'Pale Milk Sea'. Our planet is called Galapagos. We turn around the 'Brilliant Light Soup' (it is called the sun in your case), then, further, there is the 'Frozen Face' (what one calls the moon in your world, I think). 30 light years, can you imagine this? But some years ago there was a crazy man called Zweistein, who invented a formula, which he called 'sledging through black holes'. It allows us to communicate with you as if you were on a planet of the same Milky Way as we are. Imagine - if you were able to travel as fast as the light, it would take you 30 years to reach me or reverse. Is the average age on your planet also about 70 to 80 years? If you left your place with 20 you would be 50 until you reached my place. And in case you would want to return you would be in the age of a grandfather upon arriving back home. Not very fascinating: 30 years in a rocket travelling with light speed. Luckily we can communicate by 'sledging through black holes'.

- But, at the present moment I think it is better to stop here, because I am not sure that this letter will reach you. I prefer to wait for your answer before I continue.

All my most friendly greetings!


- P.S. Please use the word you find below at the beginning and end of your letter. It contains the code for 'sledging through the black holes'. Note that the three S in the centre are very important.



Hello Yazuna,

- Please forgive me that I did not answer at once. Your letter completely knocked me down, that is it brought me in bed. I had fever. A letter from a planet of another Milky Way, 30 light years away! At first I believed, somebody made a stupid joke, but then however, it gave me hard times: I became feverish! Frenzies! The wildest things I could imagine. I had fever for several nights. I had dreams that I was up to visit you, to look around in your world. I imagined to be terribly shocked. Or the absolute opposite: completely amazed that everything was so similar on your planet? I think what shocked me most, was also, how absolutely normally you write. It sounds as if you lived close by, here in my house next door.

- What further touched me as very strange: the fact that you write in a language which is very similar to Japanese, which I can understand to some extent. It seems that there are similar 'linguistic plants' on your planet as they exist here. Is there something like Chinese in the eastern part of your globe?

- Dear Yazuna, until now I have not mentioned anything about the strange letter I have got from you to any human being on this planet. I am convinced that there is an absolutely mad adventure related to our correspondence. Please write to me as soon as possible. I would like to know more about you.

Completely crazy,




Dear Dlon,

- You can imagine that your letter too put me into a mad ecstasy. You are right, it is an immense adventure.


- At the very beginning, I should say the most important thing: it seems absurd that two planets which are 30 light years away from each other communicate about their culture, their nature. Every reasonable person would assume the total difference of the two cultures.
- However, this is not so. We are very similar one to another.
- But,this is not because we have been created by the same exterior force.
- Not at all. We have examined this very carefully. The biological developments of both planets are very similar. As far as I know, plants as well as animals are practically the same on both planets. And we humans also have evolved in the framework of similar processes. We are the children of the same cultural evolution.
- And, evidently, this is the reason why our relation is so fascinating: we can learn from each other.
- I have to admit here that for quite some time I have been browsing in your planet's internet websites. I am searching for informations regarding parallellisms of our recent cultural change. On these 'trips' through your world I have learned a lot about your planet and I think I can have an idea how your cultures are, where they are and - more or less in speculative ways - how they have evolved.
- In this context, I also landed on your homepage which fascinated me immediately, above all because the main title is 'Implosion' which was a major program point of our cultural change. And moreover, you have numerous studies which fit very well into our concept. Fantastic!
- On the other hand I understood fairly quickly that you obviously have never heard about our planet and its cultural changes. The notion 'Galapagos' as referring to our planet in the 'Pale Milk Sea' does not appear anywhere in your website. But that is fine. As mentioned before, we can learn quite a lot from each other, I think.

- Certainly, you will ask: do you also have so many cultures which do not understand each other at all because they speak very different languages?

- You will be surprised: the cultural geography of our planet is rather different from yours, but a certain resemblance with the world exists. It looks like a shirt with two very big sleeves.

- The sleeves are the old civilizations and the their surrounding cultures which in fact developed rather independently, as this happend in your case with the East and the West. But in fact this is is a product of the method of the interpretation of history.
Basically they have a lot of traits in common.
- The shirt is the origin in which old traditions survive. However, things happened quite in a mess there. Traditions were primitivized and then humans were attacked and subdued in worst ways, particularly from the left sleeve. There is a long history about this. But I do not want to go into details, but all this was an important reason why our system was overturned in recent times.

- However, the main reason for the big revolution was another one. We suddenly became aware how the development of the culture in fact had happened. It shook up our social system. But, more on this later.

- In your world this has not yet succeeded. That is why, everything is still very chaotic. We called it the world of the 'Triangle-Tops'. The triangles were the structures of power. We compared this to some sort of sails which always turned after the wind. Below the base was mostly held defenseless. At the top the 'Tops', necessarily far-sighted, often using illusionary arguments and clever tactics, powerfully deciding about the stability of the triangles and the directions of the voyage.

- Paradoxically, most of these triangles are reproduced according to old territorial structures or they have conserved themselves as such. But, more about this later.

- For today, it might be enough. A strange feeling has come up, that I am always awaiting with delight what will come up from you as an answer from so far!

Many greetings for today,


- P.S. The word mentioned below - I can not write it in the text - is not only the code, it has also a nearly holy (but enlightened) meaning for us. It stands for the universal harmony which however is limited to the human tradition. The A and the O imply the all-embracing in the humane sense, like beginning and end, at the same time the totality of possible oppositions which can be united in the same form. The three Ss and the delimiting Is at the same time stand for relation and separition of the oppositions regarding unity. You will see later that it has also a very concrete meaning in the framework of a primordial form which creates everything like a seed.



Dear Yazuna,

- Again I received your letter with immense speed. Many thanks. Naturally you can imagine that I use all my imaginary power to form an image about what you write. For instance the shirt. This is very similar llike our world - evidently with the corresponding abstractions. The American continent was close to the main part before the drift. And what you describe as shirt figures as a large Y since my childhood. They call it 'Out of Africa'. The origins of the world question is essentially also a human problem for us today, a problem of human history or an anthropological problem. It is there that the real relevance is hidden, not so much in the macrocosmic dimension. And this is always covered up in the conventional theory by putting the emphasis on the macro-cosmological level. In this sense I agree with you: our planets are essentially a problem of our own human cultural history.

- Moreover there is something very interesting about that; it has become customary in certain circles to speak about Micro-, Meso- and Macrocosm. The emphasis is always on the macrocosmological side. Nobody is aware that originally 'cosmos' and 'cosmetics' were fairly close, an order concept in the local environment. Thus what is important is the concept of order. The astronomical meaning is a child of scientific developments. It came fairly late.

- Still I do not quite understand your civilisational critique. Could you please explain this to me more in details?

- For today, this may be enough. I am dying to hear from you again. Evidently we stand in a rather unequal relation. You are quite well informed about my world, but I am an absolute greenhorn in regard to your planet.





Dear Dlon,

- I want do deal instantly with the topic you have mentioned, the problem of civilisation. Is it not pure madness how the parameters of civilisation could have been preserved through thousands of years in yours as well as in our societies and how they were able to dictate all through their power structures?

- The concentration of power in cities with the civilizing values?
- The devaluation of the rural, of tradition, of rural cultures globally?
- The insight that our understanding of culture is not science, as many are preaching, but in fact a very banal value system. First world / third world.

- What are the origins of this value system?

- 1) Evidently one was blinded by the sudden results of early civilizations, with their fortress-cities and palaces, fortresses of the pharaohs and kings (and stayed blinded until today!).
- But they copied their roles from the predynastic villages, from their simple and meaningful settlement founder lines. They transformed them or made them inactive by outwitting their temporal depth by fictive myths and fairy tales in favour of their own ruling lines.
- 2) One was blinded by their monuments, their temples and pyramids.
- But, they had, in fact, copied the ephemeral cultures of the surrounding villages. They transformed their ephemeral object culture into stone. They monumentalised these objects and thus by guile obtained their eternity, their linear time which still today impresses most humans. On the other hand the cyclic time of the villages was equally durable, but, with its ephemeral materials, it fell into the caegories of urban devaluation. However, this gains actuality today since civilisation manoeuvres humanity onto the edges of a new abyss.
- 3) One was blinded by their cults and rites, by their ghosts and gods, by the writings devoted to them.
- But, on the other hand, the physical traditions from which they were copied were devalued, primitivised. A value system was created which allowed to dominate the traditional or predynastic or scriptless agrarian cultures, to exploit them in all possible ways.
- 4) For centuries the soil of the earth was sacrificed to the skies. The soil became merchandise.
- Now the wolves are globally dragging each piece into their possession. Because any step, any small use of soil will become their levy.

- These are just some points of civilisational critique, which have come up on Galapagos.

- In fact you have not yet become aware of these structural conditions and this keeps you active in a wild systen of activities steered by the corresponding 'Top Triangles' for their won profits. It keeps you in a terrible muddle which is tremendously energy consuming.
- I do not naturally mean this as a reproach, not either as some sort of pride that we have overcome this mess. On the contrary, what counts is the fact that a historic development which was considered as sacrosanct until shortly before is now suddenly seen in a critical context and is thus also put into question.

- For today, this may be enough. I am awaiting your answer.

With kind greetings




Dear Yazuna,

- wow, that is fairlry dramatic what you wrote. But quite in agreement with my opinion. I can follow quite well what you say. I completely agree with you that the 'theories' about our civilisations are highly questionable. And I fully accept your statement that here in this world nobody ever has 'seized the word' in this direction.

- Also your statement that on your planet cultural theories are understood as value system is very important for me. Here such insights are still in great distance.
-What you want to say, as far as I understand it, is that the relation of civilisation and its monumental urban structures and its history has to be put into relation with tradition, with the rural surfaces of the globe.

- And particularly also the traditional culture of these tremendous populations are objectively researched in order to understand them and to find a balance between both these very different cultures. In fact this was blocked through the formation of empires and nations. Because in these territories the power and the decision structures were localised in the central cities. The population was not asked, not at all the farmers. Power and territorial expansion, eventually also progress, were the eternally repeated slogans. And in all these nations and empires, the histories as well as the historians followed the manifestations of power, not the balance of interests.

- And, of course those who would have to research this, the disciplines of ethnology or folklore studies, they measured the rural lands or the traditional cultures with the parameters of the urban societies. They projected the disciplines of the European history on the rural, on the scriptless societies. This was completely wrong - as we start to understand today. The cults of traditional populations devalued as primitive religions in fact were local territorial constitutions according to their traditional patterns, their classification as religion was pure fiction. Peoples were asked what they believed, instead of looking what they did. Belief or faith was considered as relevant, not the cultic tradition.

- The same can be said regarding theology. It apriori operates with the absolutely spiritual, where history, in fact, speaks about legal conditions. Early constitutions were at stake, theocracy. The deities in fact were parts of the territorio-legal system. But we do not want to go into details here. A miserable story, a gigantic stratagem!

- Now, I am wondering: on Galapagos what were the real impulses which provoked the tremendous transformation which you describe? I am very curious about the next interstellar lesson!





Dear Dlon,

- I have received your letter, thank you. You mentioned certain important points in it, for instance the fixation of cultural research, or the humanities, or the spiritual sciences, as you call them, on the urban society, on the history of civilization and the related projections, for instance the disciplines.

- It was very similar in our case. There were very rough debates between the domains which defended established values and the critiques of civilisation.


- Then came the crazy climate. Suddenly there was no snow anymore in the mountain regions. Plants began to 'walk' upwards, following the increasing temperature towards the top of the mountains. In the collar of the shirt on the planet Galapagos the ice melted. Many islands got drowned in the sea.

- We noticed quickly that sooner or later our lives were menaced. The notion 'sneaking processes' became widely used and was discussed intensely, particularly with regard of the potential of a sudden point of irreversability.

- Some people called the process 'overheated civilisation'. Some tried a remedy here, others a remedy there. It all was in vain. Some saw the cause of the problems in the widespread idealisations. Many humans want to imitate the divine creator and thus fell into excessiveness, into boundlessness. Go out to breed and to subject this world....! Rich and creative like the heavens. Etc. Humans have become blind in regard to their responsibility. They are not aware of the mischief they are getting up to.

- In addition suddenly wherever possible a mad process of enriching started.

- Then, fortunately, there was the collapse. At the same time important counter measures were developed. We want to describe these processes more in details in the following.


- Suddenly certain very important things happened.
- The discovery of the soft prehistory. It became clear that the origins of culture were strictly related to [pre-lithic] fibroconstructive industries. The hand had been the first tool.
- The discovery of pre-analytical polarity and the categorically polar analogy as the primary system of cognition. Human culture operates with two entirely different types of cognition: polarity and analytics.
- Very important was the demonstration of the connex beween the two: the split of the primary cognition of polarity into spiritual and empirical lines and the evolution of analytical cognition, the so called 'science'.
- The insight that analytical science is a derived type of cognition, a discovery which basically questions its validity.

- The whole began with something everyone knows among us: the outcry-novella of Vatrina Hochsmitt. Title: "The horror of basketry"A woman had found a slightly defect basket at the beach. She tried to repair it with her hands. At this occasion she became aware, that the basket she held in her hands belonged to the most ancient human object culture. A container woven with twigs and the like. Hand as first tool. She nearly turned into an attac of schizophrenia and threw the basket back into the ocean.

- This happened together with an agressive report of a prehistorian about antique stone columns as reed bundles, or bundles of other plants (in your case this would be the Ionian column, or temple columns of Ancient Egypt). He attacked the art historians and their repeating parrot fashion of script historical sources on related aesthetics. He showed that the true aesthetics was not a human invention, but was an autonomous result of bundling. Evidently man had taken over this structure as a model for many other forms. This type of aesthetics became the beginning of culture. We only give a small section here. It was a revolution. Architecture, aesthetics, and the arts were revolutionized. Suddenly one started to understand the fundamental role of art for the formation of human culture.

- These new reports provoked also a revolt against the archaeologists. Many began to question their results. Some blamed them even for still being fixed to the antiquated methods of medieval history which considered historical references more important than human common sense.

- A friend of this prehistorian further deveopped the approach. He showed that this aesthetical principle of the 'unity of oppositions in the same form' was also the most basic prinicple of order (I think it is called YinYang on your planet) of the cultures of the right sleeve. He could demonstrate this also with other early high-cultures and concluded that it was the basic level of human cognition. He even used a formula (O/A1 = O/A2 = O/An [O and A are contrasting categories, e.g. dynamic / stable, within the objects 1, 2 and n]) to show, that this order of things implied a harmonious world including all possible objects.

- Another friend also contributed to the new concept, emphasising the history of science and hinting to the division of polarity into an idealistic and an empirical line. Thus, in the left sleeve too evidently polarity originally had been the dominant system of cognition, but it was split up in the early field of philosophical discourse. In both domains, in idealism as well as in empirism the analytical method called 'science' became dominant.

- Maybe, in view of a distance of 30 light years it is difficult to make sense of these short indications. But on our planet they were an important signal indicating that our mental structural conditions had become a problem for the real world. We became aware that it is not possible anymore to try this and that, eventually with technical solutions, but that we had to clarify the factual conditions of the human history of civilisation and that we had to react by bringing the lines of conduct under control.

- Dear Dlon, I would be delighted to soon obtain your answer. Maybe, from your side there are indicators which confirm our concept.

Sincere greetings,




Hello Yazuna,

- Thank you indeed for your letter. Interesting, the four points 'soft prehistory', further, polarity or YinYang as primary type of cognition, then, PlatAristonoteles as personified YinYang and analytical science as the decomposition of the primary YinYang-type of thought, an explosive charge of new insights.

- Regarding the first point: Maybe, you saw my paper about the nestbuilding behaviour of the Great Apes in the Internet. It is a big dispute here on our planet. Primatologists have started to speak about 'culture' among the Great Apes, but what is implied is just nut cracking with stones, some sort of primary hammering, or the so called 'ant fishing' with twigs, two types of technical behaviour or tool using, in fact, very rarely seen in the wild. It is absolutely mad: they want to explain the culture of humans with these marginal behaviours. Evidently a dead end, which should be supported with prehistorical sources, that is, finds of early stone tools. Most surprising in a scientific sense is the fact that the nestbuiliding behaviour is not perceived. It is considered as an insignificant part of social behaviour. However, quantitatively each animal during his life builds a virtual tower of 11 times the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Pre-lithic fibroconstructive behaviour! Protoculture in the purest sense in view of your concept of a soft prehistory. But, primatologists here are blind for it.

- It has to be noted that if you have the ground nest built with rooted plant materials, it is only a small step to become aware of the signs used among the Bonobos as traffic signs.

- Second: Did early humans have an aesthetic model, some sort of a YinYang symbol of fibrous natural materials? Was it used to control sources of nutrition? Did the use of such signs in the territorial sense lead to sedentary life as we know this to exist among Mesolithic and particularly Neolithic societies? An evidently revolutionary achievement, which later made the formation of cities, the development of civilisation possible?

- Third: Heraclitus still represented the harmonious system. Platon emphasised the ideal, interpreted it in an absolute sense. Aristotle however emphasised the empirical. Platon and Aristotle could be considered our personalized YinYang, at the same time an irreversible split of polarity: the drama of European thought. The spiritual becomes absolute as metaphysics, empirism as materialism remains theoretically without the spiritual component. Anybody who is familiar to some extent with the history of philosophy will know that the whole European history of thought is related to this personalised division of the primary YinYang or polar harmony concept.

- Dear Yazuna, I really think it is grandiose what you have put together here. I have felt similar things and have tried to write them down in some ways. But now, since you plausibly show me all that daily with a distance of 30 light years and describe its continuation, I am tremendously happy about our strange contact.

I wait for your next letter.

With warm regards,




Hello Dlon,

- Every time I am surprised about the letter which you sent to me. There is always something which leads further, deepens the topic, opens new perspectives, for instance your description of your research into the nestbuilding behaviour of the Great Apes. Note that they exist also on our planet. They are named differently but I have found materials which show that they all are nestbuilders, and, as you say, two types, tree nests and ground nests. And you are right, in our case too, this constructive behaviour was not taken into consideration, theoretically not integrated at all. I will study the materials more in details later. It is an important point of departure, because the fact that such types of behaviour among the Great Apes still are existing, shows at the same time to what extent such traditions can be continuous over great lapses of time: millions of years! In addition they are closely related to the whole system of sleeping behaviour and the related group formations and thus are a type of protocultural behaviour which is of enormous significance. Thank you very much.

- Interesting also what you write abut the division of polarity between Heraclitus and Platon and Aristotle. I think the impulses for these phenomena must be seen in the early formation of civilisation and state formation as horizontal spatial extension. We can assume that the polarly structured territorial demarcations now suddenly also demanded vertical extension of the polar parts and thus could have implicitly stimulated Platons history of ideas. This has happened before on your planet. What was his name, this unhappy pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who suddenly began to venerate the sun as the divine power of his empire? Akhenaton, something like this? Evidently he was too early. After his death all went back to the microcosmic dimensions.

- The personified division of the YinYang harmony into the spiritual and the empirical has been decisive in fact for the European history of thought. However, I have never read this formulated in such a clear way as in your letter. It explains in very simple ways the difference between the left and right sleeve, or in your case between West and East in regard to the relevant structural conditions of thought.

- In the following I want to return on the developments on our planet Galapagos.


- The second wave led above all to questions regarding the relation of culture and civilization. One could speak even as some sort of an intelligence-revolt.

- The collapses mentioned above had as a consequence that suddenly the whole concept of civilisation became highly problematic. Did we confound culture with civilisation? Was civilisation as a program imposed to us as humans in the framework of history having in fact nothing to do with human culture understood in the humanistic sense? Was it a product of power structures formed in these radical changes between neolithic agrarian cultures and the early civilisations which established what we call history? Was it the endless chain of imperial or national formations which imposed these civilisational conditions with the power of monuments, with social stratification, with script and finally also with the development of endless smaller and larger wars? Were there the cities, which formed the centres of knowledge, of decisions, of power and thus, in fact, governed the whole from an increasing number of small points on the surface of the planet?


- The third wave started in relation to three things:
- There were increasing tensions between the left sleeve and the shirt.
- The energy problems between the left and right sleeve and the shirt became strong.
- There was a disastrous financial crash in the outer part of the left sleeve.

- The whole was as a discharge of tensions which had accumulated through thousands of years.
- The central and lower part of the shirt, a continent ransacked during centuries, collapsed completely due to terrible famines and through endless local and regional wars. A tremendous tide of refugees moved towards the sleeves, mainly towards the left one.
- At the same time the wealth of the left sleeve gained extreme dimensions to an extent that the disposable energies became critical, particularly also because the right sleeve had changed its thought system from the harmonious towards the analytical concept. Dangerous concurrences and tensions arised in regard to the production of raw materials and threats with arms of mass destruction.
- At the same time, the left sleeve was manoeuvred into a financial crisis by an usurper who had tried to gain advantages with two looting wars in the sector of energy and who at this occasion filled his own pockets and those of his corrupt junta with tremendous amounts of the treasury which led to a financial crisis of nearly global dimensions.


- It had become clear to all that it can not continue in this way. In the left edge, the democracy disaster had become evident. It had become clear to everyone that there were deeper reasons involved in the game and consequently on a planet wide scale meetings and research programs were organised in which humans of all regions and professions could contribute their ideas and results of their own research.
- This program was like a miracle. It became evident that the established institutions, all the high schools and universities, were controlled by the 'triangle-tops'. No positive results came out of them.
- On the other hand, from all the parts of the shirt of Galapagos there were contributions of humans who for quite some time had been active in view of the problems. They offered useful critical ideas and concepts how the calamity could be eliminated in favour of more positive conditions.


- The result of these contributions can best be expressed with the notion 'civilization crash'.
- It was shown that modern societies had developed very complex natural sciences and a high form of technology, but, that their cultural knowledge had remained disastrously underdeveloped. In its basic traits it had remained a medieval historism. It had to be considered as an absolutely unscientific domain, a pure value system, which argues with highly banal categories like first / third world, high / primitive economy, high / primitive religion etc.. It does not proceed objectively, but remained purely 'sleevo-centric' in its judgements. And it projects undigested concepts of civilisational developments on the cultural surfaces of the Galapagos planet and thus creates tremendous tensions.
- Decisive for the disqualification of the so-called 'spiritual sciences' or humanities is the rupture between predynastic agrarian traditions and early civilisation. All the following generations got dazzeled by the early civilisatory achievements. Until today science has not managed to elaborate any plausible theory how civilsation evolved from its agrarian preconditions and thus a field of incredible speculation was created. Consequently, modern democracies still suffer from the domination of ancient theocracies projected on a global and universal level.
- To a great extent early texts were translated in completely wrong ways. That is to say they were interpreted with evolved macrocosmic concepts of space where, in fact, the circumstances were related to very objective human conditions, that is settlement foundations or foundations of regional or statal territorial units. In early times gods were objectively represented as fibroconstructive legal signs which traditionally archived the inital claim of the founder. This was done through cyclic cults devoted to the physical reinstitution of the ephemeral deity as 'nuclear border'.
- With the early imperial state formations polarly structured 'nuclear borders' became interpreted in vertically extended ways. In this way institutions of theocratic control were established which are kept effective into our modern times through pseudo-scientific structural reasonings.
- Archaeology is considered a pseudo science. It never became really aware of its own limitations. Pre-civilisational or prehistoric cultures or also scriptless traditional cultures were all essentially characterised by their ephemeral fibroconstructive material culture. What essentially defined their culture, namely their territorial nuclear border systems, all rotted away. These objects are only visible on secondary sources handed down mostly from metal age periods. However, there they are called life-trees (evidently they are artificial!), cattle pens or signs of deities.
- Consequently, archaeologists produced a completely inaccurate image with its emphasis on durable and mostly rather insignificant remains which they want to make us consider as 'culture'.
- Particularly also in regard to early monuments, in the case of temples for instance, it is not seen that forms hewn in stone are 'copies' of fibroconstructive columns, gates and sanctuaries or also figures of gods.
- One did not become aware that, in a humanistic sense, early civilizations have to be considered as a cultural collapse. Vital temporally cyclic structures became monumentalised to lifeless stony replicas. Their luxurious splendour covers up that their forms have lost their real significance. In the framework of self-important theocracies they had become the expression of the power of insane pharaohs over their territory and the corresponding population.
- Politically, the high autonomy of agricultural cultures was beared to its grave. Villages had developed a minimal social hierarchy based on the settlements' founder-line and the traditional foundation archive by cyclic renewal of the ephemeral fibroconstructive foundation markers. It was a realistically founded hierarchy. The village founder was in fact the founder of the local existence of all who lived in the settlement and profited from its conditions. Consequently he was celebrated as a small local king.
- With the development of civilisations the cyclic renewals of the ontologically highly valued fibroconstructive demarcations, that is, the nuclear borders, developed into the basics of 'high art. But later, influenced by religion, it became increasingly interpreted subjectively and thus - as testimony of its creative creator - became problematic.
- Similarly religion. As already indicated, it evolved essentially from early territorial demarcation and, with the formation of larger territorial units, the polar structure of its nuclear borders was extended vertically, into planetary dimensions, later into universal macrocosm. Thus, joyous festivals devoted to the renewal of local nuclear borders developped into instruments of extended imperial territorial power. What a decline, in the human sense!
- In addition, with the development of script, the whole complex was finally handed down merely in verbalised form and thus became nebulous, unrecognizable in regard to its genetic substance. Finally flooded by the ocean of submissive belief.

Wow, this was a long letter. But I think it makes sense. We have been coping with important things, I think.





Wow, Yazuna!

- Yes, a long letter, very long in fact, but superb in its contents!


- In fact, basically a completely crazy thing. Within one decade you have practically reorganized your whole planet completely?
- If I understand all this correctly you have made a tremendous knowledge-jump ahead and - particularly admirable - you have taken the consequences of your new insights.
- Only this today.

With admiration!




Thank you for your admiration, Dlon, was good! I am proud!

- Quotation: Within one decade you have practically reorganized your whole planet completely?

- Exactly. Absolutely. One can say so.
- On one hand, it is surprising that in so different worlds as yours and ours, almost at the same time we came on the discovery of the computer. But I think in our case this was quite some time already in the drawers.
- Whatever, but I think that we got it slightly faster, the point that the computer and the corresponding networks which it implies are something absolutely new. Something technical though, but in its essence something diabolically spiritual. An entirely new dimension, which allows us, to completely conceive and organize the world of humans in absolutely new ways. Language and pictures within seconds worldwide present. We do not need to physically move around anymore.
- To hell with airplanes and airports and the whole noise and stench they produce. To hell with the endless wheelboxes, which are gasing this world with their burnt nature history. All the many-million years old giganto-dinosaur-corpses they are drilling out of the earth. What for? That the Smith and Miller families can drive to their weekend-leasure on Saturdays and Sundays? Etc.

- Quotation: If I understand all this correctly you have made a tremendous knowledge-jump ahead and - particularly admirable - you have taken the consequences of your new insights.

- Maybe this can be said in this way. But I think it has to do with something else. The fact that if one spoke about culture, the importance of space was not understood at all. Suddenly there was this new thesis, that the human perception of space had developped with the evolution of the human behaviour related to dwelling. Space had been a stable entity before. Since the astronomical reseach of the skies (in your case since the 14th century) space was taken as an all embracing entity. Physics, chemistry, but also astronomy provided the basics of fixed convictions. However, that the human per-/conception of space was based on an evolutionary process, this paradoxically was a very recent insight. For us it was so gigantic, that we immediately took our consequences. It is important to add here, that as well as in your case as well as on our planet ancient texts are always studied with the assumption of the astronomical concept of space (or the one of physics). The result is completely wrong. Settlement foundations thus appear as creations of the world in the macrocosmic sense. An absolute nonsense which can be disproven by many ancient texts. But religion lives of this distortion.

This new interpretation of space was an important base which supported our criticism of civilization and led to the corresponding civilisation-crash. That we managed to establish this as a general conviction among the population has to do with our rigid buildup of information networks. If you could be here as a visitor on Galapagos you would feel something of the pride of our population for this achievement to which all of them have intensively contributed.





Dear Yazuna,

- During our 'talks' I have noted some questions, which I list in the following. I would be glad if you could give me your comments individually, similarly as you have done this in commenting citations from my side. her is the list:

- City and country. What I understood until now is that there is an enormous tension between both forms of conglomeration on your planet.
- Central functions?
- Planning?
- Traffic has more or less been eliminated?
- Energy?
- Knowledge, education, the media?
- Supply?
- Health, medecine?

I wait!





Dear Dlon,

- A good idea. In the following I shall answer your questions, as well as I can.

- Quotation: City and country. What I understood until now is that there is an enormous tension between both forms of conglomeration on your planet.

- Evidently, one can even say that this is the quintessence of our new order. Before the change the cities have controlled the land. Now there is parity. The rural parts are protected and clearly structured. Progress is 'frozen' there. Very ancient traditions have been reinstituted. The village founder principle offers a very mild hierarchy which we need for the revitalisation of the local cult festivals. The village founder is priest, that is 'owner of the deity'. At the same time the whole local land is involved, implied by the cult marker (or nuclear border!) and its principle or code of polar projection to define the land from inside out, that is 'woods and fields', or 'mountains and valley'.

- The whole is now called 'archaics' not religion anymore. We build our gods by ourselves, using plant materials like reed and the like. They remain among us for one year, represent our philosophy, are beautiful and have depth. Then they are burnt in the cultic context and built anew: the ancient myth of the eternal return! They also embody the principle which you see here at the beginning and end of each letter, or the principle of O/A, the gene of culture, primordial aesthetics, philosophy, religion, all in one and the same form and cyclic happening. Everyone in our community knows exactly what this is all about. And naturally all are taking part. Evidently, we do not need police.

-The city on the other hand is let to dry out, to starve out gradually. It is a run-out model of our cultural history, a robber demon. But we do not use force to nobody. Those who want to stay may stay, no problems. But the decay is disastrous. They become run down enormously and terribly fast, the cities. The country on the other side is blooming with its small and highly active well informed and absolutely healthy cells.

- Quotation: Central functions?

- There are what we call 'production knots' for all technical products we need, particularly the internet and the corresponding laptops. the products are now produced by fully automatic processes, so there are only few humans living there. Research and development is done in specific and specialised 'villages' similaly as this was done earlier in the context of copmputer research.

- Quotation: planning?

- There no political tug-of-war on everything what is decided above the personal level. Everything is divided into circles of aptness and there all decide by pushing the button of their computer. With every project each person has access to all the opposite representations, that is to the sido of eulogy as well as to criticism and above all: each person decides with his or her own pressure on the button. Democracy at its completest possible!

- Quotation: Traffic has more or less been eliminated?

- Ordering any product is done through the Internet and the transport comes through the pipeline which connects all 'Community clusters' with the knots of production. The pipeline is a closed river system. Goods are packed into waterproof shells for transport. Transport runs by magnetic chains. It needs only minimal energy resources.

- Naturally certain fluctuations exist among the community clusters. But to a great extent this works like in the Netherlands with bicyles and biotaxis. It is important here to note that the extension of the Internet with language and vision reduced the physical movements almost to zero. Everybody can contact anybody at any day- or even night-time and they can discuss any problem for hours and hours.

- Quotation: Energy?

- Geothermal energy. It is highly developed on our planet. There are small power plants everywhere, and there are infinite reserves.

- Quotation: Knowledge, education, the media?

- Newspapers, television, books, all that was integrated into the Internet. Each individual at his home has a world library with the best encyclopedias, in all conceivable languages, an information system as nobody ever could dream about.

- In the so-called 'spiritual sciences' universities showed to be the centres of civilisational conservativity, consequently they were dissolved. The university libraries were copied into the internet until the last book and thus are at disposition of everybody to the full extent. There are study programs for instance how one can become 'omniscient' through the intensive consultation of omnidisciplinary dictionaries. What was called universality in regard to knowledge education has in fact started with our system only. Before, higher education was just vocational school, prison for specialists. There is a tremendous freedom of education and cultural communication on our planet now.

- At the same time our planet has become simplified in tremendous ways. The whole fictive jumble used to entice humans from all triangles was abolished. Everyone knows how his or her life looks like, what is imporant to him or to her. There is no confused running round anymore. All the social pseudo-hierarchies were given up. Everyone knows how they came up, they do not seduce anybody anymore. We again have time for intensive human relations. And we have intensive discourses with nature.

- Quotation: Supply?

- Our apartments in the countryside are full of domestic animals. We have become our own providers. No stress at all. And, above all we now have again gained control regarding the quality of our own nutrition. There is no wheat from 'I don't know from where'-land, no ananas from the end of the planet. Everbody knows exactly all the parameters of his nutrition. In regard to food preparation we have certain models, like, in your case for instance India. Strong emphasis on vegetarianism. Plant proteines, meat only in very limited quantities, using small animals around the house. Very important are the spices. They allow us - compare with India on your planet - a relatively stereotype and simple basic nutrition, but a tremendous variation in regard to taste.

- Quotation: Health, medicine?

- Health is supported enormously by intensifying the relation of the population with the intact natural environment . Movement, movement and once more movement. All life long. And a healthy nutrition. This proved to be much more efficient thant the whole stressy repair machine of conventional medecine.

- Medecine was drastically reduced. It had become a pure commercial enterprise. In particular elderly people were exploited massively. It was evidently a mistake to extend and cultivate the human age with a tremendous expenditure to its extremes, but in fact not being able to change the natural process of aging in the sense of gradual internal deconstruction of the body and its organs.

- Important was also that in the rural community clusters aging remained socially integrated. Elderly persons were not, as in the global stress-economy, excluded from society and cared to death in some sort of wreck-depot of elderly homes and hospitals.

- These are some important points regarding our new world on our planet. I hope I have answered your questions. Of course all is still in a state of flux. And how this is going to develop on the long run can not yet be said precisely. Maybe there will be some sort of a balance between city and countryside, if cities develop as small townships and take on a new role. However, what we can say very clearly: in the short time, since we live with our innovations, the climate has normalised in surprising ways. We again have very nice winters with lots of snow in the mountainous regions. Waters are again vital, since we completely refrain from putting harmful substances into the water system. Even the oceans have started to lower their level and at the upper collar of our shirt there are icebears again. On the whole a nice story.





Magnificent! Grand! Dear Yazuna,

- I am very happy about your report. There is still some sort of hope that all can be changed towards its best. You really have overcome the dragon of the sneaking processes by throwing him your heroic change into his fire-spitting dragonthroat, thus preventing him to continue his destructive work. I am very happy about your news. Finally I have three or four more questions: what happened with the so called spiritual sciences on your planet? I am listing the questions as before:

- How about art?
- Is it not a question anymore that an artist creates something which regards only him/herself?
- And what happened with religion?
- Very likely there is not much interest for philosophy anymore, right?





Dear Dlon,

Three or four good questions.


- Quotation: How about art?

- The situation has completely changed. There are no artists anymore, because all are artists. We maintain that art has created man, in fact, the elementary aesthetics which he was confronted with.
- It is the same type of aesthetics which is found on antique temples (for instance in the case of antique plant columns with their polar contrast of bundeled shaft and protruding plants [as capitel] or as acroterae, that is as PRO-portion, e.g. as protruding of something natural over something technical, or something undefined PRO-truding over something defined.
- It is the aesthetics which for centuries formed the basis for polar concepts like 'heaven and earth', 'light and dark', in short it stands for the whole rules of composition of the history of architecture, sculpture, painting and design on our planet. In this context everybody can be active as an artist, but he is no more the lonely preacher. We all know all about the arts and what they can give to us. It has lost its teaching character in the conventional sense. But as the basic aesthetic principle it dominates all and everything. What is most important: the arts have balanced the scientific splitting of the planet. Opposition by aesthetics!

- Quotation: Is it not a question anymore that an artist creates something which regards only him/herself?

- No, this was exactly what had made our cities so chaotic, that we understood the architects as subjective artists who had to express their own 'imaginations'.
- Each one manifested himself with his own theory, but in fact nobody knew what art really is. Our cities became ulcers, tumors, absurd growth.
- Similarly with art in the wider sense. Nobody understood anymore what art in fact should communicate.
- But, if we can understand art again generally in the humanistic or anthropological sense as a very ancient design principle which created and still might create a harmonious world or environment in the deepest and most general human sense, then it can become culturally important again.

- Quotation: And what happened with religion?

- Here too things have changed completely. We call this 'Archaics' now. We understood that that what was considered as religion before, in fact, had originally been a structural system which had been formed in pre-civilisational village cultures. The immense emotional power which religion in its evolved condition managed to conserve - against and in spite of science - must be seen as a remembrance of these rural presuppositions. The security in regard to dwelling which these structural systems provided and the aesthetic model they embodied which implied the unity of all things, their homogenising power to create a world of united harmonies, this provided an enormous power in its most early stage. These structural conditions have been stongly engraved as archetype, which could be conserved throughout all changes. But, later the primary aesthetic dimension was interpreted in spatially extensive ways, the O was shifted into the skies, the A remained on earth as temple. In fact, it became purely fictive. This is why we cultivate the primary form, the activity of the inhabitants at the cyclic cult festival focussed on the renewal of the foundation marker in its polar form, a remembrance of the early times of hominisation. Beautiful, in fact, isn't it? Evidently, all the members of a community are engaged in this. A strong social intimacy among all inhabitants is formed, something which is entirely new for the village dwellers.

- Quotation: Very likely there is not much interest for philosophy anymore, right?

- Defintely not in the conventional historical sense any more. All these types of thoughts were strongly related to processes of early civilisation. In their primary levels they were strongly conditioned by structural traits of early state formations (in your case: Presocratic thought! Note that they were not engaged in nature-philosophy, but they in fact discussed the principles of territorial organisation of early states).
- And later it was essentially religion which influenced philosophy and reverse.
- This evolved from the fact that the early formation of empires as theocracies was closely related to imperial or world-orders, that is, they were related to what later was interpreted as religion.
- In addition, polarity which was represented objectively or aesthetically by the early territorial markers, was dissolved when it became spatially extended into the macrocosmic dimension.
- The empirical and the spiritual became dissected and were dealt with analytically. The 'unity of all things' disappeared.
- The rationalisms developed by this split system of the new 'sciences' projected extensive fictions particularly in the spiritual dimension. These fictions allowed to continue the political components of theocracies into increasingly extensive spatial dimensions.
- On the other hand the definitely empirical component developed limited facts in which the divisional character of this type of thought was clearly and efficiently expressed.
- Today this gains a highly dramatic dimension since we are aware that we are at the end of this empirical thought process which splits the world using our modern gigantic equipment of machines. The real world rejects further cooperation. We are close to a global catastrophy. The phenomenon of the sorcerer's apprentice is in front of the door.
- Dear Dlon, I hope that my answers on your questions might be of some help to you. I think, you have understood the most important point already for a long time:
that on our planet a gigantic peace has spread, a kind of peace which allows a profoundly human dimension to our lives.
- The demon of becoming rich and allmighty like God, pestering others with publicity for this and that nonsense, jumping back and forth on the planet with air-, road-, rail- and water-mobiles for this or that idea, for this or that product, all that we have left behind us.
- We have understood this pluri-thousand year's of theater as a cheap scenery, as an illusionary show, this civilisation game as historistic construct, as gigantic fiction.
- We again have time to devote ourseves to our children, to introduce them to their lives on this planet, to open their eyes for the beauties of nature, to part our time with them. In short, we are again capable of loving.

- Dear Dlon, that we could exchange our ideas over an enormous distance in our macrocosm over milky ways and milkiy ways was like a miracle. That we could express similar feelings through these endless distances was a deep affirmation of being human for me, not in the sense of a common external power which puts humans into dependence, but on the contrary, for his own consciousness of independence, his confidence in his own way of being, of thinking due to his percpetions, due to his true history in the all embracing sense, his becoming human in fact.

- Dear Dlon, I will always be here for you. Our meetings were a deep experience for me, an experience I can not describe with words. It exceeds all that - within my limits - I am capable to feel. I thank you.

With all what I am,





- thank you for answering my questions. What you write fits with highest precision on the existing matrix which I know in the form of an idea, but which you describe as if it existed - in reality - since long times on this world. Now, our particular relation is increasingly becoming cruel. I think about the 30 physically insurmountable lightyears between us, because, in fact, I should find myself on your planet. But, since a 'transfer' is not possible I have to limit myself on this world, in which the indicators for changes of the described kind are still in great distance.

- Steps in this direction can only be imagined, if really catastrophical conditions would end up as a full threat. This is not entirely groundless, because strangely enough, those who should know about, because they have to pay, if things collapse, the globally largest assurance assurances advise their employees on a global level to use public transport and they even support them for that goal. Maybe there is something in the air.

- That there is something wrong with our world is evident from a quite different side, which we have discussed before, namely the split of harmonious world cognition into the analytical type of cognition. The harmonious type of thought was sustainable. It created a stable world situtation over thousands of years. All the traditional societies, which lived before the civilisations, have changed the world only to a small extent with their temporally cyclic systems. And in spite of this they have produced a tremendous achievement: they developed a tremendously stable type of human existence in which progress was only minimally active - because of their cyclic time system. And in spite of this imitation they reached something very important, the sedentary way of life. It did not only offer continuous life at the same place, to a great extent protected from robbery and attacks, an achievement which they owed to an ingenious innovation, namely their 'nuclear borders', an institution which reached high ontological esteem and value due to its high efficiency. It became a central factor in their cultural evolution. Our modern religions still profit from this institution.

- Finally, besides aesthetics, harmony and peace this brought another prerequisite, a criterion which was of a decisive significance for civilisation, the potential to accumulate house and cultural goods at the same place. We should remember nomadic life here. To keep up their capacity of migration nomads had to accept extreme limits in regard to their equipment. With the sedentary way of life the storage of nutrition becomes an important innovation. Further the accumulation of tools and other equipment, the domestication of animals in compounds and stables and finally also the control over cultivated fields are becoming the elementary condition of agrarian life. Note that this innovation was exploited with brutal force by early and later civilisations. In fact their rise is based on it.

- This should essentially be taken as an important indicator for the problem of cultural evaluation, in particular in regard to urban civilisation, the values of which are about to develop into a global desaster.

- It has to be noted also that analytical cognition as it is used in modern sciences in fact, as the world analysis clearly says, is a splitting program. We are splitting the world, today industrially in the largest possible scale. Evidently we maneouvre the natural world towards the limits of its capacity to be split.

- Dear Yazuna, I think we should make a small pause. I have to bring all the things which I have heard and learnt from you into new connections. And there are many. For the moment I thank you for all which you have transmitted to me in this first phase of our contacts. We will soon hear from each other again, I think.

For the moment, with all my most cordial greetings and with many many thanks.