Contributions to Gemology No.5 - Gem quality Johachidolite: occurence, chemical composition and crystal structure
Adolf Peretti; Detlef Günther; Francesca Peretti; Ngwe Lin Tun; Kathrin Hametner; Willy Peter Bieri; Eric Reusser; Milen Kadiyski; Thomas Armbruster
Gemresearch Swisslab AG (2007)
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Gemology, Gemstones, Johachidolite, Myanmar
Hardcover 9783952335932
Johachidolite was first described, though with a wrong chemical formula, from the Johachidolite District, Kisshu County, Kankyo Hodu Perfecture, North Korea, and was named after the type locality. In 2001, the worlds first and probably natural, only gem quality johachidolite of 14.02 ct with a possible source in the Mogok area of Myanmar.
Johachidolite is found at the Pyant Gyi mine in the Pain Pyit mining province, which is located about 5 km northeast of Mogok, Burma, Myanmar. Johachidolite is found in a pegmatite consisting of scapolite, hackmanite, orthoclase, fluorapatite, phlogopite, white mica and thorianite-uraninite.
This work describes the effort to trace the origin of the material to the exact mine, collection and analysis of rock samples containing johachidolite, determination of the chemical composition of johachidolite, therestudy the crystal structure of johachidolite using state of the art equipment, identification of more gem quality johachidolite specimens, and data on the chemical composition of the first published johachidolite of 14.02 ct and that proves its natural origin.
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