Contributions to Gemology No.2 - Report on a Ruby and Spinel Mine in Namya (Northern Burma) - Identification of Spinel and Ruby from Namya - Rare Gemstone: Painite - Beryllium Treatment (Part B)
Detlef Günther; Adolf Peretti
J.C.C. Printing Co., LTD. (2003)
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Corundum, Gemology, Gemstones, Synthetics/Treatments, Painite, Myanmar
This publication includes five articles:

Expedition to the Ruby and Spinel Mines of Namya (Northern Burma/Myanmar) by Adolf Peretti and Anong Kanpraphai
Namya Rubies by Adolf Peretti
Namya Spinel by Adolf Peretti and Detlef Guenter
New Findings of Rare Collector Gemstone "Painite" from Mogok (Myanmar) by Adolf Peretti
The Beryllium Treatment of Fancy Sapphires with a New Heat-treatment Technique by Adolf Peretti, Detlef Guenter, and Anne-Liese Graber
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