Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
Mohsen Manutchehr-Danai
Springer (2008)
In Collection
Dictionary, Gemstones, Mineralogy
Hardcover 9783540727958
The rapid growth of gemological sciences and mineralogy requires a comprehensive dictionary for gemologists, mineralogists, geologists, jewel dealers, industry, and hobbyists. The third edition of this dictionary contains about 29,000 entries ' about 4,000 more than the second edition. The comprehensive definitions are now completed by more than 1,500 charts, diagrams and figures. The author offers a one-stop reference to any matter dealing with gems and gemology.Review of the 1st edition, published in the March 2001 issue of CHOICE'Detailed and highly technical, this work provides encyclopedic coverage of terms, techniques, places, and people related to gems and gemology. Each entry includes scientific and historical information, often illuminated by a line drawing. The volume's strength lies in its comprehensive scope; it treats all aspects of gemology beginning with the gems themselves, elaborates on technical methods and procedures, explicates professional terminology, and identifies individuals and associated groups. Supplementing the text, 21 tables contain such relevant information as atomic weights, light spectrum, and geological timetables. Given its useful format and comprehensiveness, the book will serve as an invaluable reference source for practitioners and serious scholars in the field.' L. Doumato, National Gallery of Art
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