Gem Identification Made Easy - A Hands-On Guide to More Confident Buying & Selling
Antoinette Matlins; Antonio C. Bonanno
GemStone Press (2013)
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Gemology, Gemstones
Hardcover 9780943763903
Enjoy learning about using the tools of the gem trade from two renowned experts. Revised, updated and expanded edition of the first and only book of its kind. Covers the latest gems, synthetics, treatments and equipment. Easy to use. Practical. Nontechnical. Shows how to identify diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls, and separate them from fakes and lookalikes. Explains what equipment is needed, how to use it, where to get it and what should be seen for each gemstone. Faster than you can imagine, anyone can learn to identify most of the gems and imitations found in the marketplace. This practical volume is the key to avoiding costly mistakes and recognizing profitable opportunities. Essential reading for collectors, investors, jewelry lovers, hobbyists, jewelers, antique dealers and gemology students. With this highly accessible guide, anyone can begin to master gem identification.
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