Gemstones - A Thai Love Story
Nora Aphismai Phayackaporn; Wajanathawornchai Jirayoot
Bluetoffee (2006)
In Collection
Gemstones, Thailand
Paperback 9789810559380
Gemstones – A Thai Love Story presents an essential reference guide to the world of Thai gems, for every level of interest.
In four beautifully illustrated sections, the book furnishes buyers with all they need to know about buying gems in Thailand, in an easy-to-read format, set in a context of Thai history and culture.
The buyer’s guide is designed to cut through the complex process of gem identification and authentication. Each gem is described precisely, highlighting its distinguishing characteristics and variations, as its man-mad imitators. The guide also acquaints readers with the history and origin of each gem and provides useful tips on how to make a good purchase, and look after the gem subsequent to purchase…
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