Practical Gemmology
DeeDee Cunningham
N.A.G. Press (2011)
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Hardcover 9780719804311
Robert Webster's highly regarded work, Practical Gemmology, first published in 1943, has been through six editions and numerous reprints and was long considered the standard work for those learning the theory and science of gemmology. This classic, on which professional gemmology courses were founded, has been entirely revised by DeeDee Cunningham to return it to its esteemed place among current gemmological education books. Re-written and expanded, this completely updated book includes new material on high-tech treatments and synthetic diamonds as well as instrumentation, theory, testing and gemstone properties. Its nineteen lessons each serve as individual lectures and it pays considerable attention to covering all the background information and theory necessary for understanding every concept central to gemmological theory. Although suitable for readers of all levels of understanding, Practical Gemmology is specifically tailored to provide the information and diagrams necessary for the successful completion of diploma examinations and is an invaluable tool for gemmology students.
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