Gems of Sri Lanka
D. H. Ariyaratna
D. H. Ariyaratna (2006)
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Gemstones, Sri Lanka
Paperback 9789559549444
Sri Lanka is known as both the island of gems and as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. No other country is more famed for its gems than Sri Lanka and most crown jewels of the world are adorned with blue sapphires from Sri Lanka. This book includes a wide range of information fascinating for the general reader and essential to the student studying for professional qualifications in gemmology. This 6 th. edition is completely revised and enlarged.
The world-renowned gemmologist, Professor E. J. Gübelin of Switzerland wrote the foreword to the current edition. The foreword to the previous edition was by Dr. Mike Frost (Senior Lecturer in Geology at Greenwich University, London). The Introduction to the new edition is by Professor C.B. Disanayaka (University of Peradeniya).
The first edition of this book was published in Sri Lanka in August 1976 and was sold out within a year. The sixth revised and enlarged version contains around 60 colour photographs. It was published in July this year for the occasion of the 11 th. annual exhibition, 'Island of Gems,' to be held in London in November 2006.
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