Hubert Bari; David Lam
Skira (2010)
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Gemstones, Pearl
Hardcover 9788857200880
A beautifully illustrated book that presents these gems in all their natural luster and social value. Although it appears that it is no longer amongst the mysteries of the world, the fact remains that there is still a lot unknown about the pearl. We barely understand how it is formed, and it has recently been discovered that all shells can produce them. As a consequence, a whole range of pearls may exist reflecting the immense variety of mollusks and shells in the world. In Pearls, the history of the pearl is recounted once more, now taking into account these new scientific discoveries. This book also explores the financial stakes associated with cultured pearls, managing to effortlessly combine scientific, historical, cultural, and practical information. Along with showcasing 350 color photographs, this book aims to provide simple and clear facts with documented explanations reflecting the latest research. Professionals and fans of jewellery will find this beautifully illustrated book an entertaining read and a valuable resource.
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