Cecilia Lam Shiu Ling
Lead On Publishing Co. (2005)
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Hardcover 9789628633258
There are all too few books on Jade written in English, and a book which is useful to both novices and experienced collectors alike is rare indeed. Now prolific Hong Kong author and gemmologist Cecilia Lam has published Jade, a book which serves as an excellent reference for professional and educators, and as a comprehensive and informative purchase guide for jade lovers of all levels of experience. Jade encompasses a wealth of comprehensive detail, presented in such a way as to be easily accessible even to those without background in the subject. Beautiful illustrations render highly technical aspects easier to grasp. Exploring everything from jade's gemmological properties to its important historical and cultural meanings. Jade displays the wide range of the author's knowledge, gained over many years of experience as a qualified gemmologist. This book is truly a valuable addition to any jade lover's collection. Some of the topics covered included: * Famous Jades * Legend and Superstition * Decorative Motifs and Forms with Symbolic Significances * Identification of B and C Jades * The Valuation of both Nephrite and Jadeite * Advice to Buyers and Collectors * Special Terminology and Jade Markets around the region

Photographer Philip Tou
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