The History of Synthetic Ruby
James Evans
James Evans (2019)
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Ruby, Synthetics/Treatments, Corundum
Paperback 9781916165205
This is the story of synthetic ruby – from the first fusion of ruby in 1782, to its industrial production from 1902.
Part I: The First Synthetic Ruby – traces the development of the first synthetic ruby and, in particular, the contributions of: Lavoisier, Hare, Clarke, and Gaudin. In so doing it pushes back, by 37 years, the date at which the first fusion of ruby and the first synthesis of corundum (i.e. colourless ruby) are thought to have occurred.
Part II: The Gemmological Revolution – examines the further developments which led to the production of large, transparent rubies and on an industrial scale. This includes the contributions of: Ébelmen, Frémy, Feil and Verneuil, as well as the unknown inventor of Geneva Ruby. Finally, it considers the reaction of the jewellery industry to the new stones.

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