Gems Made by Man
Kurt Nassau
Gemological Institute of America (1980)
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Gemology, Synthetics/Treatments
Hardcover 9780873110167
This is a very good introduction to the existing methods to produce synthetic gemstones. The edition covers a wide range o stones (i.e. emeralds, opals, diamonds, quartz etc) and techniques, and although I think there is too much information on synthetic diamonds (which I am not too interested) the book is still complete enough on the other topics too. Considering that not much has been published on journals about these methods, this books does a good job presenting the information that's around. The references are not very complete and the author could have used more information from patents (although there are none from Chatam and Gilson), but if you are an interested person or someone trying to find some information about synthesis of precious stones (which is very hard to find) this is the source. Kurt Nassau also wrote a second book on the Physics of Color, which is more theorical than this one.
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