Exotic Gems, Volume 1 - How to Identify and Buy Tanzanite, Ammolite, Rhodochrosite, Zultanite, Sunstone, Moonstone & Other Feldspars
Renée Newman
International Jewelry Publications (2010)
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Gemology, Gemstones
Paperback 9780929975429
Exotic Gems, Volume 1 is a full-color guide that helps you identify and evaluate tanzanite, ammolite, rhodochrosite, zultanite, sunstone, moonstone, andesine, labradorite and other feldspars. This is the first in a series of books that will explore the history, lore, properties, qualities and geographic sources of lesser-known gems. Exotic Gems shows you with close-up photos how to make visual judgments about clarity, transparency, color, cut quality and brilliance. It also provides tips on gem care and on detecting imitations and gem treatments. The healing and metaphysical properties of the gems are also addressed. Written for both consumers and professionals, itzs easy to read, well-organized, packed with professional color photos and full of fascinating information. If youzre interested in colored gemstones, youzll find Exotic Gems to be a valuable resource that helps you get good value for your money.
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