Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewellery Conference Vol. 4/2018 - Budva- Montenegro May 18-20 Diamonds and Gems in 21st Century
Branko Deljanin; John Chapman; George Spyromilios; Thomas Hainschwang; Roman Serov; Philip Martineau; Ans Anthonis; Ya'akov Almor; Menahem Sevdermish; Guy Borenstein; Bear Williams; Martin P. Steinbach; Gail Brett Levine
CGL, IGL (2018)
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Gemology, Diamond, Spectroscopy & Spectrum Analysis, Synthetics/Treatments
Central theme: Diamonds and Gems in 21st Century
Dr. Thomas Hainschwang (GGTL, Lichtenstein): Colour origin of untreated and treated natural and synthetic diamonds.
Roman Serov (Octonus / GemCentre, Russia): Impact of fluorescence on diamond appearance. Dr. Phillip Martineau (De Beers Research, UK): CVD synthetic diamonds and their detection.
Branko Deljanin (CGL-GRS, Canada), George Spyromilios (IGL, Greece): Identification of melee to large synthetic HPHT-grown diamonds with standard instruments. Ans Anthonis – HRD, Belgium Red carpet for blue fluorescent diamonds? The relationship between blue fluorescence and colour grade. Yaakov Almor (M Direct Business, Israel): Present and future of synthetic diamond jewellery – ethical challenges. Bear Williams (Stone Group Lab, USA): Insights into gemological observations and techniques.
Branko Deljanin (CGL-GRS, Canada): Gem lab notes from Canada.
Martin Steinbach (MPS, Germany): Asterism of gems.
Gail Brett Lavine (NAJA, USA): Tracking gems at auctions.
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