The Fundamentals of Mining for Gemstones and Mineral Specimens
Jim Clanin
New England Historical Publications (2013)
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Minerals, Gemstones, Mining
Hardcover 9780615501086
Over 400 pages, amply illustrated with color photography and diagrams, are dedicated to the most important task supporting the hobby of mineral collecting: the actual removal of specimens from the ground. Clanin, a contract miner and geologist, distills a great deal of experience and professional-level technique into the first handbook of mineral specimen recovery. Clanin's princial focus is gem mining, but nearly all of his information is equally applicable to mineral specimen mining. Chapters are as follows: (1) Geology and Mineralogy of Gem Deposits (2) Maps, Sketches and Instruments (3) Mining Equipment (4) Explosives and Blasting (5) Practical Mining (6) Digging Pockets and Marketing (7) Mineral Dressing (8) Camp, Sanitation, Logistics, Security & Green Power (9) Mine First Aid (10) Conduct and Tips for Buying and Working in Developing Countries (11) Making and Resharpening Tools (12) MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) and ATF&E (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearma and Explosives administraton) Clanin follows these basic chapters with eight case studies of mining for gemstones and mineral specimens at various localities around the world where he has worked: (1) Madagascar (emerald mining) (2) Tanzania (the Landaban garnet mine) (3) Tanzania (alluvia mining) (4) Northen Pakistan (5) Kenya (the John Saul Ruby mine and the Hard Rock mine) (6) Northen Pakistan (Hunza Valley ruby deposits) (7) California (the Cryo-Genie pegmatite mine) (8) Northern England (fluorite specimen mining) Concluding the book are appendices devoted to terms and definitions, references and resources, mining supply companies, and a detailed 11-page index.

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