Mikimoto le roi des perles
Robert Eunson
Éditions Pierre Horay (1957)
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Science, Biography
Mikimoto, who evolved the way to make pearls by artificial insemination, and became the richest man in Japan, was born a noodlemaker. In true Hollywood style, Mikimoto's inventive genius came to fruition through the encouragement and hard work of his wife. But with her sudden death at 32, the Pearl King devoted all to the shrine he built to the oyster. He was inspired in his public relations. Thriftily, he would help support an orphanage by travelling third class and applying the saving to charity; he was labor conscious and brought the 8-hour day to Japan, bonuses to workers with children, numerous recreation and welfare plans. But also he made the headlines with huge rewards when pearls were stolen; he burned fortunes in artificial pearls to protect the market value of cultured pearls. In spirited fashion he triumphed over octopi, plankton, embargo and the economic ruin of World War II, during which he retired to his island of Tatoku as a staunch pacifist. A success story, in the best traditions of a touching and fitting tribute to a man who had his greatness.

Translator Henri Thies
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