Gem Cutting - A Lapidary's manual
John Sinkankas
Van Nostrand Reinhold (1962)
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For over half a century, Gem Cutting has served as the go-to guide for beginners and experts alike. Offering a wealth of information for everyone, it starts with the fundamentals and leads logically to techniques and projects that will challenge even the most advanced cutter. Every step is described in detail and illustrated with drawings and photographs. Sinkankas covers common pitfalls and, wherever possible, offers hints on how to take money-saving shortcuts. Incorporating tips on operating equipment for greatest efficiency, he explains how to make or choose equipment for sawing, grinding, sanding, and other basic operations. Special chapters describe how to cut and polish cabochons, faceted gems, spheres and beads; how to tumble gems; and how to make carvings, engravings, inlays, and mosaics
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