Fluorite - The Collector's Choice
Bruce Cairncross; Ian Jones; Michael Gray; Mark Mauthner; Jason McDonald; Dmitriy Belakovskiy; Pierre Clavel; Joan Deville; Gloria A. Staebler; Rock Currier; R. Peter Richards; John Pawloski; Arvid Eric Pasto; Erich Offermann; Günther Neumeier; Frank Melanson; Peter Megaw; Christophe Lucas; Guanghua Liu; Ross Lillie; Yoshiro Komuro; Matthias Jurgeit; Brennen Halvorson; Ray Grant; Hans Albert Gilg; Rudolf Duthaler; Fabien Cesbron; Miguel Calvo; Guiomar Calvo; Dudley Blauwet
Lithographie, LLC (2006)
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Extra Lapis English, Fluorite, Mineralogy
Paperback 9780971537194
Fluorite is...
clear and colorless in its pure form, but defects and impurities endow it with an array of colors, in both fluorescent and white light, a number of which can occur in a single crystal. Those famous color zones are one of the many features that have drawn people to collect fluorite, giving it ...
a rich history that spans cultures and millennia. Colorful fluorite has been carved into all form of vases, cups, utensils, and decorator items that have historically commanded astronomical prices. The few fluorite artifacts preserved from days of old provide a glimpse into the lives of the ancients and open questions about their sources for fluorite as well as what was known of the mineral's properties, as fluorite is ...
an important ore. Its use as a flux for making steel has been long known, and its optical properties make it an important component in high-end lens systems. Fluorite is also man's most significant source for fluorine, which enjoys innumerable industrial applications. The commercial demand means fluorite is ...
readily mined from places across the globe. Fluorite is generally deposited by hydrothermal fluids, which can traverse many rock types. The mineral is thus found in a variety of geologic environments and the crystals reflect that variety. From simple cubes to incredibly complex crystals, colorful fluorite occurs in association with flashy species such as galena, quartz, calcite, sphalerite, and rhodochrosite. Rich in color, form, and association, fluorite is....
The Collector's Choice.
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