Calcite - ExtraLapis English No. 4 - The minerals with the most forms
Werner Lieber; Michael Gray; Günter Grundmann; Terry Huizing; Stanley Dyl; Lydie Touret; Michael P. Cooper; Mickey E. Gunter; Rudolf Duthaler; Bertold Ottens; R. Peter Richards; Guanghua Liu; Rupert Hochleitner; Marc Wilson; Sarah Bronko; Reinhard Balzer
Lapis International (2003)
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Calcite, Extra Lapis English, Mineralogy
Paperback 9780971537132
To collectors, the word calcite invokes thoughts of shape and for good reason: calcite is found in more habits than any other mineral. It has fascinated crystallographers for generations. Over its long history, calcite has been instrumental in shaping the worlds of microscopy, architecture, mineralogy, technology, physics and even the science of war. Pure calcite is colorless, but even trace impurities can bring intense color to its many forms, and the correct cut can transform common calcite into a stunning gemstone.
The extraLapis series is well known for the quality, color photographs and clear diagrams that illustrate its plain-language texts. Included in extraLapis English No 4: Calcite are articles on the mineralogy, optics and gemology of the species as well as articles covering calcite pseudomorphs, fluorescence, cave occurrences and cleaning. A full 45 pages are dedicated to great specimens and occurrences in China, Russia, Germany, England, Brazil and the United States.
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Series ExtraLapis English
Issue No. 4
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