The Canadian Mineralogist - Bulletin de l'Association Minéralogique du Canada - Journal of the mineralogical Association of Canada - Gem Materials
Mineralogical Association of Canada (2017)
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Gemology, Gemstones, Mineralogy
This thematic issue of The Canadian Mineralogist originates from the special session on Gem Materials at the second European Mineralogical Conference, emc2016 'Minerals, fluids and rocks: Alphabet and words of planet Earth,' held in Rimini, Italy, September 11, 2016. The research spans 4 continents, 12 countries, and over 50 researchers. It includes an eclectic range of manuscripts and covers tectonic and metamorphic studies as a back drop to gem formation and a number of detailed mineralogical and geochemical studies on individual deposits and occurrences. The research covers a wide range of analytical techniques, including electron microprobe analyses, stable and radiogenic isotopes, fluid inclusions, and others.
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