2nd Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery Conference 2016 - Valencia-Spain May 7th - 9th 2016 Diamonds Treatments in 21st Century
Gaetano Cavalieri; David Fisher; Dusan Simic; Sonny Pope; Alan Hart; Jean Claude Michelou; Mikko Åström; Lisa Elser; Jeffery Bergman; Rui Galopim De Carvalho
CGL - GRS, IGL (2016)
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Gemology, Diamond, Spectroscopy & Spectrum Analysis, Synthetics/Treatments
Gemstone traceability and diamond treatments headed the agenda at the 2nd Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewelry (MGJ) Conference held from May 6 to 9 in Valencia, Spain. This year’s event attracted gemologists, jewelry appraisers, dealers, retailers and scientists from 20 countries. Along with many Spanish jewelers, gemologists and appraisers, there were also representatives from major jewelry and gem organizations such as CIBJO and the ICA, as well as the international diamond mining companies, Alrosa and De Beers, the synthetic diamond producer Algordanza from Switzerland, appraisers such as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) from the USA, and the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) and Jewelry Appraisers of the World (JAW) from the UK, and retailer Swarovski. The conference was organized by CGL-GRS (the Swiss-Canadian Gemlab), and IGL Greece, in cooperation with NAJA, and the MLLOPIS lab, Spain. The opening address was delivered by CIBJO President Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri who described the role of the organisation in protecting consumers as specified in CIBJO’s series of Blue Books which define grading standards and nomenclature. Examples were described of fraudulent or misleading conduct by jewelers or traders which have been acted upon by CIBJO.
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