3rd Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewellery Conference 2017 - Syracuse-Italy May 12th - 14th Coloured Diamonds
Branko Deljanin; John Chapman; Matthias Alessandri; Alan Bronstein; Katrien De Corte; A. Anthonis; E. Biermans; Thomas Gelb; Kim Hughes; Ilaria Adamo; Victor Tuzlukov; Alicia De Vildosola; Larry French; Martin P. Steinbach
CGL - GRS, IGL (2017)
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Gemology, Diamond, Spectroscopy & Spectrum Analysis, Garnet
The Mediterranean venue was at Syracuse, Italy on May 11-14, 2017 and was organized by IGL (Greece), CGL-GRS (Canada) in conjunction with Certiline (Italy) and supported by NAJA (USA), MAGI (Italy/Finland), JAW (UK), Eickhorst (Germany), NCJV (Australia), Martin Steinbach (Germany), and Gemetrix (Australia).
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