La vallée du sang de pigeon - Sur la piste des fabuleux rubis birmans de Mogok
Adolf Peretti; Thierry Falise
Gemresearch Swisslab AG (2017)
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Myanmar, Ruby
Hardcover 9783906905082
In past decades, myths and fantasies about Mogok were nourished by its many years of forced isolation. It took thirty years before the military regime started to partially reopen the site to a handful of gemmologists and travellers.
Both writers of this book, each in his own professional capacity, have travelled extensively in Myanmar and Mogok for three decades. They witnessed firsthand the transformations that have taken place in Myanmar and the Mogok valley, particularly since the start of the country’s “opening up” in 2011, which culminated with a new and immense hope after the landslide victory of Aung San Suu Kyi’s party at the November 2015 elections.
The two authors conducted interviews with the local doctors, patients affected by HIV/AIDS and were able to investigate the situation of the children working in the mines who also are suffering from this disease. It inspired the idea to dedicate funds created by this book for charity to help those impacted with AIDS in the mining communities.
Over a period of 15 years, Adolf Peretti has visited sales of Mogok rubies by internationally- recognized auction houses where he was given private access to study the pieces using the latest analytical technology. Some of these pieces had never been analyzed before, and a number are published for the first time in this book.
The new book is neither an encyclopedia nor a technical catalogue. It is a personal journey through the history of an appealing region, one that has fed imaginations and dreams for centuries. Beyond shedding light on a fascinating geological miracle and its vivid red treasure, the book is a chronicle of human characters, a record of local people’s lives, past and present.
A rare glimpse into the lives and expectations of a host of local characters: “ruby kings”, miners, Indian and Nepalese brokers, stone- cutters and polishers, even traffickers.
Locals are aware that Mogok can never return to the past. They are proposing a new face for the valley and have launched a debate on ways to take advantage of its unique history and heritage in order to attract not only gem industry professionals and historians but also a new breed of tourist.
This book is meant to serve as a modest contribution to that debate. A petition for AIDS children in Mogok was delivered during a meeting in 2013 of Dr. A. Peretti with Aung San Suu Kyi.

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