The French Blue
Richard W. Wise
Brunswick House Press (2009)
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Adventure, Biography, Literature, Travel
Fiction / General, Fiction / Historical
Hardcover 9780972822367
The French Blue is a sweeping historical epic based on true events chronicled by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier himself (1605-1689) in his 17th century best seller, The Six Voyages. Richard W. Wise's captivating epic follows Tavernier's life-long adventures in the gem trade and grand romance with Madeleine de Goisse, the bastard daughter of a French courtesan and a Persian king. Now, almost 400 years since his birth, Tavernier's legacy includes not only his writings but also his lasting reputation as the man who found and sold the world's most famous gem. For the first 300 years of its existence, this fabulous diamond was called The French Blue. After being cut and stolen, and cut again, The French Blue is now known throughout the world as the Hope Diamond. Including 26 illustrations and maps.
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