SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter and Blue Diamond Tester Made Easy - The "RIGHT-WAY" Guide to Using Gem Identification Tools
Antoinette Matlins
GemStone Press (2013)
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Diamond, Gemology, Gemological instruments
e-Book 9780943763996
Explains in non-technical terms how to use the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter and SSEF Blue Diamond Tester to identify diamonds, and how to separate natural diamonds from imitations, treated diamonds, synthetics and look-alikes. The approach is direct and practical, and its style is easy to understand. With this highly accessible guide booklet, anyone can begin to master gem identification using the SSEF Diamond-Type Spotter and SSEF Blue Diamond Tester.
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Series The Antoinette Matlins "RIGHT-WAY" series on using gem identification tools
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