Jadeite - 保值翠玉
Lee Ying Ho
Asiapac Books (1996)
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Paperback 9789813029873
As a stone or work of art, jadeite contains a splendour which has thrilled both initiates and experienced collectors. The overwhelming fascination with the gemstone has led to the creation of many beautiful pieces of jadeite jewelry which, with the passage of time, have enjoyed an increase in value and been eagerly traded at auctions. In this volume, Lee Ying Ho shares with readers the origin, appreciation and worth of jadeite, together with the maintenance of jadeite jewelry, the identification of fakes rampant on the market, and the methods of their production. JADEITE is enhanced by attractive and rare illustrations of important pieces numbering more than 200. It offers a pleasurable reading experience for art lovers, and acts as a useful reference for avid collectors.

Translator Goh Beng Choo
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Series Asiapac Collectors' Series
No. of Pages 134
Height x Width 210 x 150  mm
Original Title 保値翠玉
Original Language Chinese
Original Publication Year 1991
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