The Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire. Experiments & Observations - VOLUME 1 Attributes of Ruby-Sapphire and Related Heating Technology
Ted Themelis
Ted Themelis (2018)
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Corundum, Synthetics/Treatments, Ruby, Sapphire
Hardcover 9780940965577
This work is written based on the fundamental structure of the previous editions of The Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire, written and published by the same author in 1992 and 2012. In this new edition, the subtitle Experiments & Observations is added to emphasize the focus of this work and it is presented in two volumes as follows:
Volume 1 is dealing with the definitions and physical attributes of rubies-sapphires, the effect of heating, and the related heat treatment technology and equipment applied.
-For the gemologist, gemstone valuer, student of gemology, and gemstone enthusiast, this edition is an eye-opener showing how rubies-sapphires appear before and after heating under different conditions; how the attributes of ruby-sapphire, as well as their mineral inclusions appear before and after heating, thus assisting in gem identification.
-For the gem treater, this edition provides new options, techniques and alternative methodology in heating rubies-sapphires.
-For the gem miner, this edition indicates which type if ruby-sapphire is suitable for heat treating based on their characteristic features at the mining level.
-For the novice individuals wishing to heat treat their rubies-sapphires this edition is invaluable reference to understand the heat-treating methodology as well as the furnace technology before attempting to perform their own heating processes.
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