Ivory Identification - A Photographic Reference Guide
William R. Mann; Charles M. Marts
Ivorymann Publishing (2013)
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Gemology, Ivory, Organic
Correctly identifying and distinguishing between different types of ivory (teeth, tusks, etc.) and ivory look-a-likes has always been considered a complex, often even frustrating, issue for collectors and dealers alike. Fortunately, it can be taught and learned, given the right visual tools. Bobby Mann has one of the largest collections of ivories put together for educational purposes: raw materials, sliced materials, carved objects, and fakes of all kinds, which are the highlights of this book. These hundreds of items have been the basis of his comprehensive Ivory Identification Workshops for more than ten years. This simple and straight-forward 22-page book with more than 100 photographs illustrate the key elements in identifying the most common ivories. Materials covered include: elephant, mammoth, walrus, hippopotamus, whale, narwhal, warthog, boar, seal teeth, elk teeth, bone, antler, palm nuts, helmeted hornbill, Meerschaum, and plastic and polymer resins.
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