The Gem Merchant - How to be one How to deal with one
David Stanley Epstein
Gem Market Publications (2012)
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Gemstones, Trade
Paperback 9781468122275
"See what Gems & Gemology - The Magazine of the Gemological Institute of America - has to say about The Gem Merchant" Every retail jeweler, manufacturer, and gemologist should read this book* What is the "REAL" price?* How could I get a break on the price of that stone?* Is the gem with more green or more yellow in it worth more?* Is that gem merchant treating me fairly?* How can a jeweler sell more high-profit colored stone jewelry and tie up less capital?These are some of the questions answered and some of the secrets revealed by this famous gem merchant/cutter and author. If you have asked questions like these and found evasiveness or silence as your reply, you should read this book.This book is not just a "must for gem merchants, gemologists and appraisers; it is a book particularly for the jeweler who want to make more money with colored stones, and for gem lovers in general. What people in the trade say about this book: "This is unquestionably the best book on "How to Buy and Sell Gems". Although David has been my long time buying agent for Brazilian stones this book helped me make even more money from the gem business."--Richard Wise, G.G., jeweler and author of "Secrets of the Gem Trade" "I wouldn't have known how to locate or even define my market without this book and Mr. Epstein's help. I entered the business with no friends or relatives in the trade. There was no one to help." -Gerard Walsh, F.G.A.A., Sydney, Australia "Whether you are a jeweler, experienced gem merchant or a beginner, this book shows you how to avoid serious pitfalls and how to be successful buying and sell¬ing gems."-Bryan Pavlik, Ambassador to Austriafrom the International Colored Stone Association "I had taken a gemological course in Antwerp but knew nothing about how gems were bought and sold. There is no doubt that David Epstein and his book "The Gem Merchant" made the difference."--Marco Minafra, Catania, Italy "When I started as a gem merchant I had success, but not enough to do it full time. After David let me in on the secrets revealed in this book my business got to the point where it is a successful full time business." --Joe DeCristoforo, New York, USA "We are an AGS, IJO store. Since my father started the store in 1929, we have always placed much emphasis on colored gems. David Epstein and his book "The Gem Merchant" have helped our colored stone sales and profit.--Louis Castiglione, Ph.D., G.G.A., Castaglione Jewelers,Gloversville, New York, USAWhat trade magazines say about this book: "For those interested in learning more about what it takes to deal in gems."--National Jeweler "This book should be carefully read and digested, by those involved in buying and selling gemstones, for advice offered covers the broad spectra of buying and mar¬keting strategies for gemstones and gem rough, survival tips on entering the gem¬stone manufacturing industry, and a range of general information that could be successfully applied to trading in gemstones. Importantly, the advice offered is sensible, practical, honest, and straightforward."-Australian Gemmologist "David Epstein is eminently qualified to write this book." -Alice Keller, Editor-in-Chief, Gems and Gemology "This is a delightful account of the difficulties to be borne in mind when setting up (or out) as a peripatetic gem dealer. There is a good deal of common sense."-Gemmological Association & Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
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