From Mine to Mistress - Corporate Strategies and Government Policies in the International Diamond Industry
Chaim Even-Zohar
Mining Communications Ltd (2007)
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Diamond, Trade
Hardcover 9789659073337
Heavily revised from the original edition in 2002, the latest version is the definitive work on corporate strategies and government policies in the international diamond industry.
Written by one of the world's greatest diamond experts, Chaim Even-Zohar, this 942-page book covers all aspects of the diamond industry, ranging through its history, current circumstances and forecasts for future development.
The book is essential reading for everyone involved in the diamond 'pipeline', and follows on from the massive success of the first edition of From Mine to Mistress.
Published by Mining Communications Ltd, From Mine to Mistress reviews the main issues affecting global diamond mining including:

Economic and political trends
The diamond value chain
Industry framework
Anti-money laundering regulations
Conflict diamonds
Political and legal constraints
Diamond banking
The branding revolution
Plus details of 14 producing and 7 manufacturing countries.
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