Fancy-Color Diamonds
Harvey Harris
Francoldi Registered Trust (1994)
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Hardcover 9780578061986
Many books have been written to lift the veil of mystery surrounding diamonds, a timeless source of art and beauty. Most, however, have focused solely on the colorless versions of this crystal structure. Although colored diamonds have been treasured for centuries by royalty and nobility, even the most complete publications typically offer just a paragraph or two about the spectrum of natural colors available. Until now. For the first time, the colorful universe of the diamond is painstakingly revealed in all its splendor.
Still hailed as the definitive work on Fancy Color Diamonds, the volume devotes 184 pages to these rarest of gems. In entertaining and gorgeously illustrated fashion, the book covers the history of fancy color diamonds, explains the scientific causes of each natural diamond color, surveys the colored-diamond grading systems and profiles dozens of the world's most famous colored diamonds.
Appropriate for industry professionals and diamond aficionados alike, this lovely “coffee table book” offers an enlightening and highly readable perspective on the world’s most valuable types of diamonds.

Photographer Tino Hammid
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