Diamond - The Ultimate Gemstone
Emma S. Bullock; James E. Butler; John Chapman; Katherine M. Dunnel; Boris N. Feigelson; M. Tyler Funk; Eloïse Gaillou; Viktor K. Garanin; J. Michael Howard; Bram Janse; John A. Jaszczak; John Ilmarii Koivula; Galina Y. Kriulina; Claire Mitchell; Nick Norman; George R. Rossman; Elise Ann Skalwold; James E. Shigley; Gloria A. Staebler; Terry C. Wallace; John H. Betts; Maximilian Glas; Jeff W. Harris; John Rakovan; R. Peter Richards; Alexander G. Schauss
Lithographie, LLC (2017)
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Paperback 9780983632351
Diamond is associated with ideals of purity, love, nobility, and wealth and with curses, corruption, and poverty. Its unique properties are studied by physicists and geologists, while its value, brilliance, and cultural importance make it a target of historians, investors, lovers, and thieves. Simple, iconic, and beautiful, diamond is the ultimate gemstone.
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Series MINERAL Monograph
Issue No. 19
No. of Pages 152
Height x Width 300 x 210  mm
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