Minerals first discovered In Switzerland - and minerals named after Swiss individuals
Philippe Roth
Philippe Roth (2007)
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Mineralogy, Switzerland
Hardcover 9783980756181
While entomologists distinguish between some 400'000 beetle species and botanists have identified about 250'000 angiosperms, all living in the extremely thin layer that we callbiosphere, the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) lists only about 4'200 valid mineral species, that together comprise the essence of which our planet is made. Accordingly taxonomy plays a particular role in mineralogy, each species representing an important piece of 'geodiversity'. Among the new species approved each year by the IMA many have not only never before been synthesised in the lab, some demonstrate entirely new types of crystalline structures.
64 mineral species are acknowledged to have been first discovered in Switzerland. If one considers the size of the country, this represents the highest density of new species per surface unit in the world. The present book describes each of these 64 species and an additional set of 23 minerals named after Swiss individuals. The descriptions follow a strict scheme, with two pages allocated to each species, colour photographs, SEM images and crystal drawings accompanying the text (see the two pages on jordanite as an example). Many crystal drawings in the book reconcile for the first time the very detailed macroscopic observations by early authors and the modern results of crystal structure investigations.
By placing a special emphasis on the individuals who played an important role in the field of mineralogy in Switzerland and after whom minerals have been named, the book gives an historical perspective that was rarely covered in earlier monographs. Biographical and historical data was collated on and around key individuals. The fact that Switzerland enjoys a prominent position in mineralogy as expressed by the aforementioned statistics is certainly due to a favourable combination of geological factors, but also to individuals who helped in establishing and maintaining a rich tradition of mineralogy. It is fascinating to discover the often poorly known individual who gave his name to a well-established mineral.
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