Diamonds of Siberia - Photographic Evidence for Their Origin
Lawrence A. Taylor; Zdislav V. Spetsius
Tranquility Base Press (2008)
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Diamond, Russia
Hardcover 9780979583506
The Diamonds of Siberia: Photographic Evidence for Their Origin contains about 300 color photographs of natural diamonds and their host rocks, carefully culled from the extensive files of the authors, each a recognized expert in the science of the origin of diamonds. But, this is not just another "Picture Book." The photos are placed within the perspective of the science of their formation, with over a third of the book being devoted to accompanying text. Therein is reviewed most of the significant investigations of Yakutian diamonds and their host-mantle rocks, typically from an academic view-point. This is put into a perspective relating our understanding of the Earth's Mantle, almost 80 volume%, but of which we have insufficient samples and knowledge.
An extensive bibliography of relevant research, centered on Yakutian diamonds and their host rocks is also included. This brings to the forefront many previously little-known or appreciated articles in Russian Journals. In addition, included in the appendix is an article from Chemie der Erde, Geochemistry (2004) by co-authors L. A. Taylor and M. Anand, titled "Diamonds: Time Capsules for the Siberian Mantle".
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