The Ultimate Guide to Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Victoria Saunders
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (2013)
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Paperback 9781481985857
The cubic zirconia you see today has been created in a laboratory by combining the metals of zirconium and oxide through extreme heat and a monitored cooling process. The temperature required to melt the zirconium is so extreme platinum containers could not be used in the melting process. Soviet scientists developed the method still used today to create the carat stones of cubic zirconia. The process entailed using the zirconium itself to hold the molten form of zirconium. The extreme temperature used to melt the zirconium is created by the use of a very large microwave. It allowed the center zirconium to melt while the outer layer remained cool and solid to hold the molten form. By 1980 there were 50 million carats of cubic zirconia created annually by using the method originally developed by the Soviet scientists.
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