Gemstones Quality and Value - Volume 3 - Jewelry
Yasukazu Suwa
Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc. (2001)
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Gemstones, Trade
Hardcover 9784418019021
This book discusses the factors that determine the quality of jewelry--the superiority of the conception, the quality of the gemstones, and the care taken in its fabrication. The ability to evaluate these factors will make the value of jewelry become clear. While presenting full-page, high-quality photographs of 26 pieces of beautiful jewelry that are currently available, Chapter 1 acts as a guide to further the appreciation of jewelry. Chapter 2 discusses the quality factors in detail, and continues with discussions of jewelry's condition, remodeling, recirculation and redistribution, and trend and tradition.

Translator Daniel Volonakis; Stuart Overlin; Daisuke Yoshioka
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Original Title Gemstones: Quality and Value
Original Subtitle Volume 3 - Jewelry
Original Publisher Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.
Original Language Japanese
Original Publication Year 2000
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