Gemstones Quality and Value - Volume 1, Revised Edition
Yasukazu Suwa
Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc. (2005)
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Gemstones, Trade
Hardcover 9784418999026
This definitive work is the first of its kind, an introduction to the quality and beauty of gemstones that assists in judging their value and price. Though there are many publications that deal with the mineralogical properties of gemstones, books that discuss the essence of their beauty, how to verify their quality, and how to judge their value are almost non-existent. Using full-page, high-quality color photographs and a powerful system of quality and value assessment, the first chapter examines 24 gemstone varieties, explaining the subtle nuances that contribute to their unique beauty, the wide range of quality levels they occur in, common treatments, and how these factors interact to affect their value in the marketplace. Chapter 2 discusses gemstones in the context of their relationship with people, from mining, cutting, and manufacturing, to buying and selling, wearing, and secondary markets. While simple enough for a layperson to understand, with a glossary of gemological and trade terms, the concepts introduced in this book are powerful enough to be useful to members of the gemstone and jewelry industry, whether they be cutters, wholesalers, appraisers, or retailers.

Translator Daniel Volonakis; Jill Flomenhoft; Yuki Okura; Stuart Overlin
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Original Title Houseki 1, Hinshitsu no Miwakekata to Kachi no Handan no Tame ni, Kaitei-ban
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Original Publication Year 1999
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