The Birth of Opal - Natural and Synthetic
Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd (2014)
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Paperback 9781492141846
"The Birth of Opal" is the only book in the English speaking world that is devoted entirely to the topic of opal formation. It is a detailed investigative and enlightening account of the formation of opal both in nature and in the Lab. The investigation includes; the opal environment, Geography, Geology, Geochemistry, the decay cycle, soil reactions, the effect of salts and chemical reactions that result in "The Birth of Opal". Outside of Russia, "The Birth of Opal" is the most complete book about opal genesis in the world. It is a world first in its class. It dispels the myths and mystery that has surrounded the formation of opal for centuries. All those who love gemstones, or geology and are fascinated by opal in particular or are curious about its true origins will finally find the answers in this book. It is a must have for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Libraries everywhere. Get your copy now!
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